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The First Note


The last note you play should be just as exciting as the first note you play. 


Teach in Harmony


Notes and how they combine and relate to each other in pitch, time, dynamic, rhythm and color is what music is all about. You can even attach words to these notes. As Igor Stravinsky said, "all music has already been written; it is my job to discover it."

Studio Equipment


Yamaha Disclavier Piano, Sibelius Notation Software, Digital Performer Audio Workstation,

Ensoniq SD-1 Syntehsizer, MuseScore 2 Notation Software, Garage Band, Mach 5 Sampler, UVI Workstation, Reaktor 5, Kontakt 5, Aria Player.


Walker Organ
With a BA Degree in Music Theory and Composition. and advanced studies in this field,  Dennis has been involved in music in Lancaster County since 1974 as a teacher, performer, composer, church organist and Praise Band leader. He has written numerous compositions for piano, solo voice, choir, woodwind quintet, and various instrument combinations. His operetta, The Bartender, that he co-wrote with Lancaster composer James Riggs, recently had a successful world premiere. You can view The Bartender below:
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