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Programs for students all of ages and needs

If you are a beginner who has never played a note, or an advanced student preparing Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 32 for a music school audition, Just Dezorts has a program for you. Perhaps you studied piano many years ago as a child, and years later have a desire to restore your skills and play again; or, you may be a senior citizen who always wanted to learn to play piano but never found the time to do so. Just Dezorts has a program for you, too. We strive to teach to your ability and keep the learning process fun.

Mr Dezort is degreed in Music Theory and Composition and is a skilled song writer. In addition to teaching these skills, he can prepare you to play jazz, rock and blues and teach you how to play in a Praise Band.

Beginner Program    

Designed for beginners. Learn the basics of music theory and proper piano technique. Explore the piano repertoire for this level and advance at a pace appropriate for the student. 

Intermediate Program    

Continues to build on the strong foundation in reading and theory that builds basic keyboard skills and successful musical performance. As new concepts and skills are introduced, earlier concepts and skills are reinforced. A wider range of musical styles is explored.

Advanced Program    

At this level, the choice of repertoire is greatly expanded, and so is the demand on technique. You will play music from Classic, Romantic, Baroque, and contemporary literature. Ragtime, blues and jazz are important areas to explore. Technical exercises will be assigned appropriate to the music being studied.

Composition and Songwriting   

Apply your knowledge of music theory, style and form into your own music, all while using the latest in music technology. Students will learn how to use Sibelius Notation Software, Digital Performer Audio Workstation, Mach 5 Sampler, UVI Workstation, Garage Band, Reaktor 5, Kontakt 5 and more.

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